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About us. was founded in 2022, based in Orlando, Florida. Our company's projects range from music videos, films, commercials, branded content, weddings, photos, and more.

Creavi is a combination of two Latin words, "creare" which means "to create," and "avi" which means "he has." We carry with us something simple: "We create because He created us." Our main goal is to always create the best content for our clients.


Our Team.

Born in Virginia, son of Brazilian parents, photography has always been part of Alexandre's life; he is the 3rd generation of successful photographers of his family.


Alexandre started his career as a photographer and videographer in his local church back in Brazil in 2018. In 2019, moved to Orlando, Florida, and today he works as a photographer, videographer, producer, camera operator, director, and graphic designer.

Each project is extraordinary; big or small, he will give his best for his clients and consistently deliver a product of the highest quality.

Asafh Kalebe, a visionary videographer hailing from Brazil, immersed in the art of visual storytelling since 2015. Founder of a prominent production company in Manaus, Brazil, Asafh's expertise is a testament to his unparalleled dedication.


Having ventured to Orlando in 2022, he seamlessly integrated into the world visual audio alongside Alexandre Ribeiro, infusing his distinct eye for detail and mastery of post-production magic. His perpetual smile and infectious positivity effortlessly connect with people, ensuring a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.


At any place, Asafh's dynamic approach translates into a whirlwind of creativity, yielding awe-inspiring results that transcend expectations.

Evelyn Reis, a New York native whose passion for capturing life's most intimate moments led her to the world of photography. With a focus on weddings since 2017, Evelyn's journey took her to Orlando in 2019, where she joined forces with Alexandre Ribeiro to create unique projects.


Her exceptional eye for detail make her an invaluable asset. Her love for photography knows no bounds, and her dedication ensures that every moment is beautifully preserved.

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